About US

Six Red Dice is a premier domain holding company

There are literately hundreds of millions of domains registered in the world, but only a handful can be considered brandable and memorable. These memorable and short domains are what we specialize in at Six Red Dice, browse though our list and see if anything catches your eye. If your business is looking for a name we don’t own, we can help you secure it discreetly and securely. Contact us here.

Domain Owners

We invest in domains we feel would be a good brand for companies, these tend to be shot, easy to spell and memorable. If you have a domain that you feel fits this description and are looking to sell it, feel free to contact us with the domain and your asking price.

Company History

Six Red Dice, ‘SRD’ started out as Investments.org in 2008 by its CEO and Founder Sam Dennis. With the huge increase in demand for quality premium domains and in an effort to stream line our holdings, Six Red Dice was formed in 2016. Sam Dennis is well known in the domain community and operates a number of other successful business, see Company Holdings.